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CTFS Dendrometer Studies

Dendrometers are tools for making precise, short-term measurements of trunk diameter growth in trees. CTFS initiated a project to install dendrometers on a subset of trees within CTFS forest census plots, first at Barro Colorado in 2007. The large-scale plots provide growth data on > 100,000 trees at most sites, based on 5-year remeasurements using tapes or calipers. The dendrometers offer higher resolution growth -- every 6-12 months -- on a carefully selected sub-sample of trees in the plot. All together, the projects provide long-term measurements with very large sample size together with finer measurements on selected trees.

Parallel dendrometer projects using standard methods are now underway at many more CTFS research sites. Data are available from plots at Yosemite National Park (California), Wind River gorge (Washington), and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute research forest (Virginia) in the U.S., and will eventually be available from several more projects.