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Tyson Research Center Forest Dynamics Plot

The Tyson Research Center 20-hectare Forest Dynamics Plot (TRCP) is located at Washington University in St. Louis’ 800-hectare Tyson Research Center near Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. The site contains oak-hickory forest typical of the Missouri Ozarks. The TRCP includes a long-term 4-hectare plot that has been censused five times since 1981. The 4-hectare plot was expanded to 20 hectares from 2011-2013 and joined the CTFS-ForestGEO in 2013. The first census of the 20-hectare plot includes 30,328 individual trees (37,560 stems) and 42 woody species >1 cm at breast height.

Our goal is to make the TRCP data available to the broadest possible community of researchers that can use these data to address a wide range of scientific and management questions. Owing to the enormous field effort and financial commitment required to maintain the TRCP, we require that the Principal Investigator of the TRCP be considered as a collaborator on any project making use of the data and be included as a co-author on any manuscripts or presentations. Additional monitoring data (coarse-woody debris, microclimate, plant functional traits, seeds and seedlings, soils, vertebrates) are available on request from the Principal Investigator.

Data from the Tyson Research Center Forest Dynamics Plot is available for download upon submission of the Data Request Form. Fill out the form after reading the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Tyson Research Center Forest Dynamics Plot Data. Submission of the form indicates your compliance with the terms and conditions described.

A message will automatically be sent to the PI who will contact you regarding instructions on how to download the data.