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University of California Santa Cruz - Forest Ecology Research Plot

The 6-hectare UCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot was established in 2007 in the Mediterranean-climate, mixed-evergreen forest of the UC Santa Cruz Campus Natural Reserve. All free-standing woody stems at least 10 mm diameter at breast height were identified, tagged, and mapped. The FERP is maintained as a research and teaching resource at UCSC. Additional monitoring data are available at or on request from the PI. See
Gilbert et al. 2007. Journal of Vegetation Science 21: 388-405 for a description of the FERP.

Data from the UCSC-FERP are available for download upon submission of a request for data access proposal.

To download the UCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot dataset, fill out the data request form after reading the Terms and Conditions of UCSC-FERP Plot Data Use. Submission of this form indicates your compliance with the terms and conditions described.

Please direct any questions to UCSC-FERP Principal Investigator Dr. Gregory Gilbert (