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Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot

The Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot is a research and educational project affiliated with Utah State University, the University of Montana, Washington State University, and the University of Washington. The YFDP is located near Crane Flat in Yosemite National Park in old-growth, sugar pine—white fir (Pinus lambertiana – Abies concolor) forest (~500 years old). The plot size is 25.6 ha (320 m x 800 m). The YFDP is the largest permanent monitoring plot in the National Park System, and together with the companion plot in Wind River, is the largest permanent plot in western North America. All trees >= 1 cm at breast height (1.37 m) are mapped (35,027 trees). Shrub species are presently mapped by a combination of polygons and 2m x 2m demography patches. Canopy trees are generally 100 cm to 200 cm dbh. A variety of remotely sensed and ground data are associated with the YFDP. Summary information can be found at

Our goal is to make the data from the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot available to the broadest possible community of researchers that can use these data to address a wide range of scientific and management questions. However, maintaining the Yosemite plot requires enormous field effort and an ongoing financial commitment. We therefore require that the Principal Investigators of the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot be considered as collaborators on any project making use of the data and be included as co-authors on any manuscripts or presentations. Proposals requesting data or site access from undergraduate or graduate students should be endorsed by their academic advisor.

Data from the Yosemite Forest Dynamics plot is available for download upon submission of the Data Request Form. Fill out the form after reading the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot Data. Submission of the form indicates your compliance with the terms and conditions described.

A message will automatically be sent to the PIs who will contact you regarding instructions on how to download the data.