CTFS R-Format Tables

R. Condit

Species Tables

Each plot has an R Analytical Table named Plotname.spptable stored in Plotname.spptable.rdata. These tables are available for download in the RAnalyticalTables folder at each plot's web site. The species table includes the mnemonic code along with full Latin name for each species. The mnemonic code matches the field sp of the full tree and stem tables, so the species tables can be used to create output with Latin names. The family name from APG is also included, along with Authority, ID Level, synonyms, and subspecies name. Species are provided below.

Column nameDescription
spThe species mnemonic. Full Latin name can be found in the R Analytical Species Table (spptable) for each plot, or in the Taxonomy Report at http:/ctfs.arnarb.harvard.edu/CTFSReports. This mnemonic is crucial in joining various databases, for instance The Full Tree and Stem tables to the Species tables and Wood Density Table
LatinFull Genus + Species
FamilyFamily according to APG
speciesIDUnique species identifier in MySQL database; seldom needed
authorityTaxanomic authority for species name
IDlevelLevel of identification: can be species, genus, or family; none means no identification at all; multi indicates that a code includes a mix of more than one species
synSynonyms formerly used in the plot
subspSubspecies name