ForestGEO Data Portal

Welcome to the ForestGEO Data Portal

The strength of ForestGEO research is that the same protocols are used to collect data across all of the forest plots in the network. Since these protocols are used across the plots in the network, scientists and researchers can directly compare data collected from different forests around the world and detect patterns.

Researchers can request access to datasets from the ForestGEO research plots on this page by following these steps:

  1. Simply go to the main header and select the type of data you would like to request under "Data Request".
  2. Then, select which region and research plot you would like to request data from on the side-menu. Each plot will have a data request form that requires researchers to read and follow the terms and conditions of data use, submit a research project description, planned analyses to be performed on the data, and a description of the data required.
  3. Once researchers submit their request, the Plot Investigators will be notified for approval. If the data is not publicly available, the PI will review your request and approve or reject your request. If the data is public, you will receive an automatic email with information on how to login and download the data.